We are excited to announce that Specialty Group, Inc. has been acquired by the Custard Companies.

Please visit Custard.com for Assignment Submission or any other inquiries.

For more information on the acquisition please view our press release here.


Custard Companies Acquire Specialty Group, Inc.

Custard Insurance Adjusters, Inc. is a full service multiline adjusting company that began operations in 1962.  For 60 years, CIA has continued to enhance all of its service offerings, most recently through the newly created TPA entity, Riverwood Claims Management, Inc. 

Custard’s nationwide presence allows Specialty Group customers to retain the high level of service they are accustomed to both on a Regional and National level.

For more information please visit any of the following:

General Inquiries:   www.custard.cominfo@custard.com;  1.888.CUSTARD (287.8273)

Assignment Submission:    Claim Submission Form;   newclaims@custard.com;   1.888.CUSTARD (287.8273)

W2 Resume Submission:    Job Opportunities;  LinkedIn Career Page;   jobs@custard.com

1099 Resume Submission:   Job Opportunities;   JoinCIA@custard.com